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Things that are ruining your eyesight

přidáno dne 25.07.2020 uživatelem alkhaleejclinic

If, in your last visit to the best eye specialist in Karachi, you discovered that your eyesight has gotten weaker since the last time and you are wondering why is that happening, then take a look at the following, it might be because of overdoing these things that are causing your eyesight to get weaker:

Staring at your smartphone.
 staring at the tiny text because you are facing difficulty in reading it can be one of the reasons your eyes hurt the entire day; and even more, if you are doing this for hours. This can result in causing blurry vision, dry eyes, dizziness, and even nausea. If you don’t want to further ruin your eyesight then put down your phone every 20-30 minutes to give it a break; or even better, make the font of your phone bigger so you don’t face difficulty in reading tiny texts. 

Watching TV at night.

 Looking at the screen right before you sleep, the dark, including your phones or televisions, can be bad for your eyesight. This is because the level of lights is rapidly changing, which is causing your eyes to work harder to process the changes. This can lead to eye strain pains, headaches, dry eyes, and even redness. Worse than this, it can ruin your sleep schedule as well. On the same hand, reading in dim lights can be harmful to your eyes as well. it can strain your eyes, that makes them more tired and red, and can lead to pains or discomfort. So, it is always better to keep a lamp on your side when you are reading in dark; or even better, avoid reading in dark. 

 Sleeping in contacts.

 It is understandable that it is late, and you are tired but that shouldn’t be an excuse for not taking out your lenses before you sleep. It not only increases the risks of infection but can leave you with permanent damage too. so, make sure that when you take them out at night, your hands are clean, and you are using an extra contact solution. 

 Rubbing your eyes.
 Rubbing your eyes can be very tempting but it is a big no from all the experts. Rubbing them hard can break the blood vessels that are under the eyelids. In order to soothe irritated eyes, you should try a cold compress. 

 Over usage of eye drops.
 Eye Drops might get you rid of dry eyes temporarily, but too much usage can irritate your eyes. The experts say that often using them doesn’t improve the health of your eyes but just makes them less red and it is recommended to use eye drops only for a short period of time. However, if you are using the eye drops that were prescribed to you by your doctor, be sure that you are following their instructions and stop using them soon after they cause irritation, and eye rash, or any other harmful effect. 

So, if you discovered something from above that you were doing a lot, stop it or make it less in order for your eyesight to stop getting weaker and unhealthy.


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